Stay updated with the latest crypto news as Bitcoin reaches new highs and Ethereum follows suit.

Latest Crypto News: Bitcoin Soars to New Heights!

In the latest crypto news, Bitcoin and Ethereum hit records, their US spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs have also been approved for launch. This has sparked an influx of new money flooding into the crypto market, and pushing prices up for the largest cryptos!

Here are the latest developments that are affecting the ETF approvals, how analysts reacted, and what we can expect moving forward!

Latest Crypto News: Bitcoin and Ethereum Surge

Bitcoin peaked at $70,206 at 20:03 GMT on Monday, up $3,931 from the previous close – or 82.3% from its year-to-date low of $38,505 on 23 January.

Ether, the cryptocurrency linked to the programming blockchain known as Ethereum, rose 13.3% on Monday to $3,500.

In just the latest crypto-carnival, as I’ve come to call it, when cryptocurrencies are roaring, the big ones appreciate most amidst renewed investor interest and market enthusiasm.

Latest Crypto News: ETF Approvals Boost Market

Since the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a number of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) early this year, the asset class has become available to a new wave of investors, reviving some of the fervour that had been lost during the so-called crypto winter of 2022.

Bloomberg’s ETF analysts have predicted that the SEC would soon begin the approval process for a spot Ethereum ETF.

The news has been a huge story, just recently, and seems to make it apparent that cryptocurrencies are going mainstream and becoming available to the masses.

Latest Crypto News: Timeline for Spot Ethereum ETF Approval

Just as the crypto markets were ginned up by rumours that the SEC could give the go-ahead to spot Ethereum ETFs, Bloomberg’s ETF analysts tweeted out on X, the social media platform, their expectations of how things will play out.

‘SEC wants revised Form 19b-4s submitted by tomorrow morning,’ wrote Eric Balchunas, senior Bloomberg ETF analyst, ‘I think approved by Wed.

Next step in crypto news.’ 19b-4 For those unfamiliar with ETF newspeak, Form 19b=4 represents the final step, a crucial component of going through an application for an ETF.

Latest Crypto News: Expert Predictions and Market Reactions

His observations come amid details of applications for spot Ethereum ETFs broadcast by another Bloomberg ETF analyst, James Seyffart: Vaneck Ethereum ETF; ARK 21shares Ethereum ETF; Fidelity Ethereum Fund Deadlines for SEC actions loom on many of these applications.

Analysts have recently lifted their feelings on the likelihood of approval to 75%.

The prospect has sent tremors through the world of crypto news. If the SEC greenlights spot ETFs, it would be a turning point for US crypto policy.

Latest Crypto News: Legal and Regulatory Developments

And while the SEC was still expected to turn down spot Ethereum ETF applications, SEC Chair Gary Gensler hasn’t said whether Ethereum is a security or not.

That changed on 11 April when, at the request of US district judge Robert Nordberg, the SEC filed a declaration related to a case the judge was overseeing looking at the legality of a utility token.

In the declaration, the SEC disclosed that it’s formally investigating Ethereum as an alleged security.

This is not the last time you’ll hear about Ether, Ethereum and the SEC.

Latest Crypto News: Market Implications of Spot Ethereum ETFs

‘If [the spot Ethereum ETF] got approved, that would send shockwaves through the market,’ said Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer at the firm Compound Capital and an expert on the SEC’s regulation of crypto.

‘That would signal a major policy shift in the US.’

Seyffart said: ‘There’s a lot of disbelief in Washington about the possibility of approval.’ The SEC’s request that exchanges refine, rather than rework, their applications signals that, so far, that disbelief has been well justified. But at the same time, this detail is the fulcrum of all the crypto news.

Latest Crypto News: Ethereum Price Movements

A peak of 18% on Monday and continued growth made Ether the best-performing asset among its peers on Tuesday, before hitting $3,802 by morning time.

Traders suggest that further regulatory approval from the SEC on spot Ethereum ETF could only strengthen the market optimism and consequently lead to further price surge and investor’s hunger.

Latest Crypto News: Bitcoin’s Continued Rally

Meanwhile, bitcoin was up, too, knocking on the door of a record high, up 2.2% to $71,006 – within spitting distance of its March high of $73,803.25.

The passages of the first US spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) earlier this year served as a massive onramp for billions in new inflows, inflating bitcoin prices and, with them, bitcoin’s role in crypto news.

Latest Crypto News: Broader Market Impact

But the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs is expected to have extensive ramifications beyond the Ether market.

This only highlights the significance of the most recent crypto news, as regulatory rulings continue to impact market behaviour.

Latest Crypto News: Expert Opinions and Predictions

Joseph Edwards, the head of research at Enigma Securities, was quoted saying ‘there is increasing likelihood that the SEC will approve Spot Ethereum ETFs after reporting updated filings of increased formal probability of approval,’ he explained.

‘It’ll be a while.’ These insights will become increasingly important as crypto news unfolds and the overall narrative is shaped.

Latest Crypto News: Impact of U.S. Inflation Data

Crypto markets had another bump up last week as news that United States inflation was cooling led to a rally in risk assets.

As the latest crypto news shows, it’s one of the factors that remains central to how prices move in the crypto space – and how investors react.

Latest Crypto News: Legal Proceedings and Market Recovery

This latest crypto news represents a step towards stabilising the market as the crypto lender Genesis Global received court approval to return roughly $3 billion in cash and crypto to its customers as part of its bankruptcy liquidation.

Latest Crypto News: Bitcoin and Ether Price Trends

Since Genesis’s bankruptcy earlier this year, crypto prices have skyrocketed. Bitcoin, for instance, climbed from $21,084 in January 2023 to some $71,000 now.

These economic developments are core aspects of the fresh crop of crypto headlines, which illustrate that the market has set a course for recovery.

Latest Crypto News: Market Reactions to Genesis Bankruptcy Ruling

In a statement, Genesis attorney Sean O’Neal says the company ‘strongly disagrees with the assertion that customers are entitled to be paid in full based on lower January 2023 cryptocurrency prices’.

The latest crypto news delves into the outcomes of these courtroom battles, shedding light on how market participants approach financial strains and regulatory calls.

Latest Crypto News: Market Sentiment and Future Outlook

A court ruling that would allow Genesis’ cryptocurrency business to be liquidated under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan is an important signal for the crypto market from US Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane.

Lane wrote in his order that Genesis must repay creditors – which include federal and state financial regulators in the latest crypto news – before it can send any money back to the equity owner, DCG, which is controlled by Barry Silbert.

Latest Crypto News: Market Trends and Predictions

In the face of coins slowly heading north, the latest news in the cryptocurrency market highlights the role of regulatory measures, market sentiments and macroeconomic matters in the long-term success and development of coins.

Latest Crypto News: Trading opportunities

Often, the important news for Bitcoin and crypto markets is dynamic. Not lined up according to some linear formula. It comes in moments. Spikes. Drops. Regulatory decisions.

News of a big price move can become big trades.

Crypto opinion can galvanise and ricochet around. It can bring real, sometimes renewed interest to one type of crypto or another.

The cryptocurrency market is not exactly quiet, on the contrary, Bitcoin and Ethereum’s latest price spikes come as regulators decide whether to approve spot ETFs, which would be potentially a turning point for Bitcoin and the crypto industry.

The crypto news comes as Bitcoin poured through the $35,000 level, after climbing back up from Black Friday’s hump.

This led Ethereum to rise by more than 25 percent on 1 December, which in turn took Bitcoin past the $38,000 mark, while the Ethereum price exceeded $3,000 again.

The cryptocurrency market rejoiced, with its total value adding $100 billion in 17 hours.

On 3 December, Bitcoin surged to over $39,000 then dropped again to $34,000.

Despite this, total crypto market capitalisation remained above $2.1 trillion. From pounding Bitcoin to zero to doubling its price in a week.

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